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JSU, 1972

Lipscomb, 1974

Composing Monte Blotto

With violin, 2002

With mandolin, 2005

Caricature by
Lawrence Simmons

With Niels Timmerman

In his studio

As an audiologist
with Dr. Weiquang Qiu

Dr. Robert Barron

With violin, 2017

With Niels & Alex
Timmerman in Hattem

With Sebastiaan de Grebber

With Aaron Ritter
& Alison Mitchell

Applauding Ferdinand Binnendijk

With Alex Timmerman,
Sebastiaan de Grebber,
Eva Van den Dool &
Sarah Beernink

Relaxing atop Mount
LeConte near
Gatlinburg, Tennessee

With Yuri Shvarev
in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, 1994

With choreographer
Kathy Thompson, 2022

With Lilian Lukomski
at premiere of Emilia

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