Click on the major headings directly below to go to summary pages of works in specific categories. Below these are listed my principal works to date by genre. Click on individual titles for more information. Most (but not all) of these have sound files available on their respective pages. Please note, however, that all the following works are copyrighted. Feel free to listen to the music files as much as you wish, but please do not download, copy, or otherwise use these files without written permission. Several works are available in print from Wolfhead Music (indicated by an asterisk * ). Should you wish to contact me regarding any of these works (including unpublished titles), or for inquiries regarding commissioned work, please write to me. The dates in brackets indicate the year of composition; or for a chronological listing, click here.









Piano / Keyboard

Vocal / Choral

Arrangements / Orchestrations

  • Biber — Sonata Representativa (string orchestra)
  • Craton — The Armadillo Races at Victoria, Texas (from Sonatina No. 1 for Violin & Piano (wind ensemble w/ percussion)
  • Craton — Coronach (wind ensemble w/ timpani & chimes)
  • Craton — Lullaby (from “Four Whimsies”) (string orchestra / violin & piano)
  • Daniel — Festival (soprano, mezzo-soprano & orchestra)
  • Daniel — Maiden of Dreams (soprano & orchestra)
  • Daniel — Memories of Fatherland (soprano & orchestra)
  • Daniel — Nineveh (soprano & orchestra)
  • Daniel — Spinning Wheel Song (soprano, mezzo-soprano & orchestra)
  • Daniel — Tears of the Beloved (mezzo-soprano & orchestra)
  • Dobyns — Three Rags (mandolin orchestra)
  • Gianneo — Cinco Piezas (solo mandolin & string orchestra)
  • Issabey — Qooyama (chorus & orchestra)
  • Issabey — Roomrama (soprano & orchestra)
  • Issabey — Ya Umta (chorus & orchestra)
  • Khofri — The Nation Sacrifices (chours & orchestra)
  • Khofri — The Vacant Nineveh (chorus & orchestra)
  • Kioulaphides — Four Souvenirs (string orchestra)
  • Salieri — 26 Variazioni sulla Follia di Spagna (violin & piano)*

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