A Journey of Fear and Joy

2nd edition, revised and expanded

by Oswin Craton

A Journey of Fear and Joy is the story of one man’s journey to the church of the New Testament. Having been brought up in the Church of Christ (a part of the Campbell-Stone Restoration Movement), he believed his church was the original first-century church restored. But while investigating the history of the Lord’s church, he discovered a number of inconsistencies in the beliefs and practices of the present-day “restored” church with the church of the first century. This book presents a summary of his findings and the startling conclusions he reached in his rediscovery of the church we read about in the New Testament. It is the tale of a journey that brought the author both much fear and great joy. Readers may be surprised at his conclusions, but no more surprised than he when he learned that the original church had been with us all along, the faith having been maintained in historical continuity throughout the centuries by the Eastern Orthodox Church.

This second edition incorporates both the original book first published in 2004, and also the companion volume Apologia from 2014 that helped expand upon the original and included a number of questions and answers stemming from the first book.

Questions & Answers in response to this book.

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