In this game you will be allowed to practice naming the notes in the treble clef and review how each note is played on the violin. (The exercise also can be used for the mandolin.) Once you begin the game, you will be shown a staff of all the notes playable in a given position. For example, the 1st-position notes will be displayed like this:

An arrow will point to the note you are asked to identify. First, give the letter name of the note by clicking in the correct circle next to the letter. (You don't have to worry about sharps and flats.) Next, you will be asked to tell how you would play the note by indicating which finger would be used on which string. Remember, however, that this game asks for the fingered note, so you will not use open strings unless that is the only way to play the note. (For example, the top space is note E, which can be played either with the open E string or with the 4th finger on the A string. For this game, the correct answer will be 4th finger A, not open E.)

The game will give you all the notes playable in each position in random order. Practice this exercise until you are comfortable playing, then test yourself with a final run-through. Each time you play, the computer will tell you how long it took to complete each session. You should do this exercise until you can correctly identify all the notes in a given position in 75 seconds or less.

(Note: Occasionally the game may fail to display the notes. If this happens, simply click the refresh button on your browser.)

When you’re ready to begin, click on the position you want to practice. Enjoy!

Play “Name That Note on the Violin” in

1st Position
2nd Position
3rd Position

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