Four Whimsies

Commissioned by and dedicated to French mandolinist Richard Walz, these four short works are composed for mandola-mandocello duo (though a version for mandolin and octave mandolin is also available). The first three movements are largey atonal in structure, the fourth settling down on G major. Each short movement is a snapshot of a day in a schoolchild’s life:  #1, “Uneager Awakening”;  #2, “Daydreams During Math”;  #3, “On the Playground”;  and #4, “Lullaby.” Approximately eight minutes long. Contact the composer for more information. (Audio files are Sibelius playbacks of the mandolin-octave mandolin version.)

Uneager Awakening
Daydreams During Math
On the Playground

Copyright © 2006 by John Craton

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