Triptych for String Orchestra

In 2006 I issued a challenge to my students to compose some short musical themes which I could use in composing a work for string orchestra. My goal was to inspire my students to be more creative musically and gain some experience with composition. The original idea was to put together a suite of several movements, but as only three students gave me something to work with the composition ended up being a triptych. The themes used were provided, respectively, by Maggie Timan, Rebecca Bayens, and Nathan Cobel. Short fantasias on these themes were designed to be played by a school orchestra and are only moderately difficult. In addition to providing an opportunity for creativity, the results also lent me a brief sketch of these three young students whom I will remember fondly as they advance to maturity.

I. (On a theme by Maggie Timan)
II. (On a theme by Rebecca Bayens)
III. (On a theme by Nathan Cobel)

Copyright © 2007 by John Craton

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