Sonatina No. 1 for Violin and Piano

The first movement of this work was composed as a stand-alone piece in 1975; the final two movements were added in 1998, and the sonatina was dedicated to my wife on our twentieth wedding anniversary. The sonatina was originally written for saxophone and piano and was premiered in that format by Lester Turner (saxophone) and John Tabler (piano) at St. John’s Museum of Art in Wilmington, North Carolina, in February 2001. At the behest of violinist Lynne Ludeke, the sonatina was reworked for violin and piano in 2002 and has been published in this arrangement by Wolfhead Music.

mp3 Files (Sibelius playback):
1. Andante—Allegro assai—Andante (“A Summer Sunday”)
2. Grave (Chaconne)
3. Allegro (“The Armadillo Races at Victoria, Texas”)

Copyright © 1998-2002 by John Craton

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