A Childhood Scrapbook

This little suite of piano pieces also is one of the earliest of my composition on the website, being written while I was still in high school. I'm not at all sure why I ever sequenced these pieces for MIDI, and am even less sure why I included them here other than to help remind me that I have, at least, made some small progress in composing since then. The work is just a short collection of ditties that were designed to be teaching pieces for students of varying degrees of virtuosity. Each movement presents its own set of technical challenges for the young pianist, not the least of which is the challenge of enduring the dribblings of the immature composer. Nevertheless, they represent little scenes of childhood and contain (semi-redeemably) that element of self-effacing humor that much of my music is wont to possess. The first and last movements may even help teach a little piano technique as well.

  Piano Recital (2:55)
  A Serious Moment (2:25)
  Humoresque (2:06)
  Guitars (3:30)
  Heartbreak (2:55)
  Parade (2:28)
   Copyright © 1971 & 1999 by John Craton

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