Quatuor pour les jeunes (Quartet for the Young)

Composed for Megan Hamer and dedicated to Dutch violinist Anahi Oraison, this string quartet was written for and about young people. Almost entirely in 1st-3rd positions, it nevertheless offers various technical challenges for the players. Each of the three movements depicts aspects of youth:  I. Allegro—Andante—Allegro (“Scènes de la jeune vie” / “Scenes of Young Life”);  II. Adagio (“Un portrait de Jodelle Ferland” / “A Portrait of [child actress] Jodelle Ferland”);  III. Allegro (Gigue) (“L’enfant espiègle” / “The Mischievous Child”). The score is available from Wolfhead Music.

mp3s of the Sibelius playback:
Allegro (Gigue)

Copyright © 2006 by John Craton

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