Five Psalms for Organ

Composed in memory of childhood friend (and later organist) Robert Drew Wideman († 1986), each movement is a musical impression of a biblical psalm. Few specific performance directions are given, allowing the organist to utilize stops deemed appropriate by their own interpretive imagination. The sound files below are simply computer playbacks and are limited to the sound banks of this particular program. (Difficulty level: Advanced; Total performance time: Approximately 21 minutes.) Please write rearding score availability.

mp3 Files (Sibelius playback):

1. Domine, quid multiplicati? (Psalm 3) [4:36]
2. Super flumina Babylonis (Psalm 137 – lxx 136) [6:00]
3. Quare fremuerunt gentes saevire? (Psalm 2) [3:04]
4. Quemadmodum desiderat cervus (Psalm 42 – lxx 41) [4:28]
5. Deus misereatur (Psalm 67 – lxx 66) [3:14]

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