Mother Goose

Mother Goose

A ballet by
John Craton


After being read bedtime stories by her mother, a young girl goes to sleep and dreams about encounters with various personages she heard about in Mother’s stories. After a series of these encounters, all characters reappear in her bedroom and signal to one another the importance of being quiet so that the young girl may sleep.

mp3 files (Sibelius playback)

Red Riding Hood
Little Bo Peep
Sleeping Beauty
Jack and Jill
Cat and the Fiddle
Puss in Boots
Little Miss Muffet
Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe & Finale

Copyright © 2016 by John Craton (ASCAP)


Scored for full orchestra: flute, shepherd’s pipe, D-flat piccolo, oboe, B-flat clarinet, bassoon, 2 horns in F, C trumpet, tenor trombone, bass trombone, tuba, harp, strings (incl. solo violin), and percussion (timpani, bass drum, tenor drum, snare drum, tambourine, triangle, gong, whip, temple blocks, orchestral bells, chimes, xylophone, vibraphone)
Total length: approximately 29 minutes. Score and parts are available on request. Please contact the composer for more information.

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