Divertissements médiévaux (Medieval Entertainments)

Like Antebellum Suite, this collection is also for violin in first position and is designed to introduce the young student to music from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The melody lines are essentially authentic tunes from the era with piano accompaniments that meld medieval and modern harmonies. The idea is to make the pieces more accessible and enjoyable to the student who approaches these works for the beauty of the melodic lines rather than for scholarly authenticity. Though not strictly so, the selections are generally progressive from very easy to moderate. (The sheet music for this work is available from Wolfhead Music.)

  Robins m’aime, Robins m’a (Adam de la Halle) (1:33)
  Edi Beo thu Hevene Quene (Anonymous English) (1:30)
  Song from “The Play of Daniel” (Anonymous French) (1:08)
  Ja nuns hons pris (Richard Cœur-de-Lion) (1:15)
  Quant voi esté et le tens revenie (Gui II) (1:43)
  La chanson du Roi de Navarre (Anonymous French) (1:39)
  D’ou où vient cela? (Clément Marot) (2:09)
  Ce fu en mai (Moniot d’Arras) (1:45)
  En mai quant li rossignolet (Colin Muset) (2:04)
  Kalenda maya (Raimboult de Vaquieras) (2:15)
  Biaus m’est esiez (Gace Brule) (1:24)
  Stella spendens (Anonymous Spanish) (1:52)
  Nas mentes senpre teer (Anonymous Spanish) (0:55)
  Miri it is while sumer ilast (Anonymous English) (1:12)
  Gabriel fram heven-king (Anonymous English) (3:00)
  Sumer is icumen in (Anonymous English) (2:28)
   Copyright © 2003 by John Craton

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