Mandolin Concerto No. 3 in E Minor

Subtitled “Verdun, 1916,” the concerto commemorates the Battle of Verdun and is dedicated to the memory of all the soldiers who fought bravely in this great conflict, regardless of the colors under which they served. It attempts to convey both the sacrifice and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit in wartime. The concerto consists of three movements (Allegro agitato—Allegro non troppo—Allegro agitato; Adagio—Décha—ner—Adagio; Rapide—Moderato—Rapide) and is scored for solo mandolin, strings, and percussion. The concerto is published (with piano reduction) by Wolfhead Music. Please write regarding availability of the orchestral score and parts.

Allegro agitato—Allegro non troppo—Allegro agitato

Copyright © 2005 by John Craton

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