Southern Indiana Sketches

A solo piano set of musical impressions of various places and events in southern Indiana, U.S. The work is dedicated to the memory of Robert Harold Newsom and was premiered by his son, pianist Donald E. Newsom on 2 December 2014 in Downers Grove, Illinois. The work is currently published by Wolfhead Music.

1. Sunrise Over Muscatatuck Muscatatuck is a national wildlife refuge near Seymour, Indiana, and features a large wetland, lake, and innumerable waterfowl. The music depicts the early morning sunlight coming through the foliage and dancing on the ripples of the lake. We also hear the waterfowl awaking to a new day.

2. The Persimmon Festival at Mitchell As the only festival dedicated to a fruit that is despised in most of the country as not being fit for human consumption, the frivolity of the event thumbs its nose at the rest of society that is unappreciative of this delightful fruit. The music simply reflects this lighthearted gaiety of the event.

3. The Blue Lady of Story Inn Perhaps the most famous ghost in Indiana, the “Blue Lady” is said to haunt a particular room at the famed inn in Story, Indiana. Somewhat atonal in nature, the music depicts primarily the incorporeal manifestation of the mysterious wraith while giving us an occasional glimpse at the elegant lady she once was.

4. Barn Dance (& Awkward Romance) Here we see a typical rustic barn dance that at one time was quite common to rural southern Indiana. The dance is briefly interrupted as a gawkish young country lad attempts rather clumsily to woo his maiden.

Copyright © 2013 by John Craton

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