Five Observations

These five short pieces were written in 1974 for a concert that was subsequently cancelled. (I never did know whether there was any correlation.) They represent my one and only excursion into minimalism. After all these years I no longer remember just what I was observing, though I do know that each movement was inspired by Japanese haiku. Only the last of the five still contains the haiku text with which it was associated, and that solely because it was to be sung. The haiku by Basho reads:
With the scent of plums
on the moutain road — suddenly
sunrise comes!
Scored variously for recorder, flute, koto, guitar, piano, voice, and windchimes, these pieces are mercifully short. (The windchimes do not sound on the mp3s below, which are of the 2003 revision. A version for four mandolins and piano is also available. Please write regarding score availability.)

Observation No. 1
Observation No. 2
Observation No. 3
Observation No. 4
Observation No. 5

  Copyright © 1974 & 2003 by John Craton

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