Elementals for Flute & Piano

In European folklore, elementals are said to be the spirits of the elements, specifically the four principal ones of earth, air, fire, and water. Each movement of this work presents a musical portrait of these spirits.

Gnomes — Spirits of the earth who tend to the soil and geologic formations. Often depicted as gnarled, grumpy old men in pointed hats, gnomes may transform themselves into mushrooms during daylight hours where they reside in peace and serenity ... at least until an inattentive young lover steps on one of them!

Sylphs — Spirits of the air who inspire artists and poets. Light, airy, elusive, and solitary, they form clouds and snowflakes and tend to vegetation.

Salamanders — Spirits of fire. Like fire, they live only for the moment, focusing on the here and now. They are characterized by strong drive and sexual energy.

Undines — Spirits of water, undines usually manifest themselves as beautiful maidens. Graceful of movement, they are associated with memory, truth, and loyalty. It is said that the song of undines occasionally can be heard rising above the sound of flowing water.

Elementals is dedicated to French composer Michel Bosc. The sheet music for this work is available from Wolfhead Music.

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Copyright © 2006 by John Craton

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