Three Rags by Geraldine Dobyns

Little is known about the life of American composer Geraldine Dobyns. The few facts that are known reveal that she was born in Louisiana in April 1883 and became a music teacher in Memphis, Tennessee, by 1910. Only three of her works are known to have been published during her lifetime: “Possum Rag” in 1907; “Bull Dog Rag” in 1908; and “Holly and Mistletoe” in 1909. These works comprise the present collection. Though originally for piano solo, they have been arranged for mandolin orchestra. In some cases the key signatures have been altered to better facilitate playing on the mandolin, and a few repeats have been inserted, but otherwise these arrangements are as Miss Dobyns composed them. The mp3s below are Sibelius playbacks of the mandolin-orchestra arrangements. Please write to request scores and parts.

Bull Dog Rag
Holly and Mistletoe
Possum Rag

Arrangements Copyright © 2008 by John Craton

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