Four Cornish Sketches

These four pieces for violin and piano were inspired by places in the somewhat mystical landscape of Cornwall, England. The Mên Scryfa is a solitary standing stone that commemorates the death of medieval Prince Rialobrani and the battle where he gave his life defending his homeland against a foreign invader. “The Pixies of Bellever Tor” relates to an old Cornish legend in which poor Tom White was forced to dance with the pixie folk for a full night before finally escaping at dawn when the pixies vanished into the surrounding rocks near Bellever Tor. St. Madron’s Well is a very ancient holy well in Cornwall where many healings are said to have occured through the ages. And “The Padstow ’Obby ’Oss” simply reflects the frivolity of the famous May Day celebration that occurs each year in Padstow, Cornwall. This set of pieces was written for and dedicated to the accomplished British violinist Sue Aston whose own CD Sacred Lanscapes served as a model for these sketches. (The sheet music for this work is available from Wolfhead Music.)

mp3s (Sibelius playback):
    1. Mên Scryfa
    2. The Pixies of Bellever Tor
    3. St. Madron’s Well
    4. The Padstow ’Obby ’Oss
Live performance by Lisa Ferrigno & Scott Watkins:
Click for audio (used by permission)

   Copyright © 2002 by John Craton

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