A Chronological Listing of my Works to Date

(or at least as best I can remember)

A Passel of Hymns (SATB)

A Childhood Scrapbook (piano solo)
Six Little Pastorales (piano solo)

I Am Goya (piano solo)

An Aestuary (voice & piano)
Five Observations (chamber ensemble)

Piano Sonata (No. 1) in Free Form (piano solo)

Sonatina (saxophone & piano)

Beowulf (ancient instruments)

Bag o’ Tails (piano solo)

Antebellum Suite (violin & piano)
Four Cornish Sketches (violin & piano)
Scherzo (violin & piano)
Sonatina No. 1 (violin & piano)

Divertisements médiévaux (violin & piano)
Inanna (opera)
Mongolian Folk Songs (viola & orchestra)
Six Japanese Songs (voice & piano)
Sonate pour violon, clarinette et piano
Three Paintings by Nikolai Blokhin (violin & string orchestra)
Voyageur du temps (ballet)

Ann Putnam Overture (orchestra)
The Curious Affair of the Count of Monte Blotto (opera)
Jardin sentimental (voice & piano)
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (tenor & string orchestra)
Songs for Children, Book I (voice & piano)

Beowulf Orchestral Suite (orchestra)
The Legend of Princess Noccalula (mandolin & string/mandolin orchestra)
Mandolin Concerto No. 1 (mandolin & orchestra)
Mandolin Concerto No. 2 (mandolin & orchestra)
Mandolin Concerto No. 3 (mandolin & orchestra)
Pagan Festivals (string orchestra)
Six Pantomimes (mandolin duet)
Sonatina No. 2 (violin & piano)
Sonatina No. 3 (violin & mandolin)
Songs for Children, Book II (voice & piano)
Tuba Concerto (tuba & orchestra)

Concerto for 2 Mandolins & Orchestra
Dioses aztecas (mandolin & piano)
Elementals (flute & piano)
Five Apothegms (violin, horn & trombone)
Four Whimsies (mandola & mandocello)
The Gray Wolf (mandolin solo)
Quatuor pour les jeunes (string quartet)
Sonata Colloquia (marimba & piano)
Sonatina in F (recorder & harpsichord)
String Quartet
Tango (4 guitars & chittarone)
Vasya Whitefeet (opera)
Variations from Der Fluyten Lust-hof (mandolin solo)

Apologetic Waltz (string orchestra)
Bloemen van Spanje (2 guitars & string/mandolin orchestra)
The Fashionable Lady (opera)
Gorillas (violin duet)
Mandolin Concerto No. 4 (mandolin & orchestra)
L’Ombre de la tour d’horloge (cello & piano)
Perpetuum Mobile (mandolin solo)
Petite Suite (violin & piano)
Piano Sonata No. 2 (piano solo)
The Reconciliation (opera)
Romanza (clarinet & piano)
Sonata for Solo Violin
Triptych (string orchestra)
Trois soeurs assyriennes (flute & piano)
Twelve Variations on “La Follia” (violin & piano)
Variations on a Traditional Theme (violin solo)

La Boîte à musique (ballet)
Dance of the Fey Folk (violin & piano)
Danseries anciennes (mandolin orchestra)
The Parliament of Fowls (opera)

Charon Crossing the Styx (mandolin & double bass)
Duettino No. 1 (violin duet)
Gilgamesh (opera)
In Memoriam: George Kirlis (cello & piano)
Pierrot et Pierrette (ballet)
Seven Variations on “What If a Day...” (guitar/lute solo)

Autumn Leaf (lute & harp)
Coronach for the Martyrs of Our Lady of Salvation (string orchestra)
Duettino No. 2 (violin duet)
Duettino No. 3 (violin duet)
Flute Concerto (flute & orchestra)
Through the Looking-Glass (ballet)
Triosatz (violin trio)

Assyrian Fantasy (violin & orchestra)
Sonatina No. 4 (violin & piano)
The Tattered Slippers (ballet)
Three Tableaux from George MacDonald (chamber ensemble)

L’anneau des fées (celeste/piano)
Berceuse (violin & piano)
Cantique des montées (string/mandolin orchestra)
A Child’s Prayer at Evening (voice & piano)
Le Grenier (ballet)
Nymphes (2 pianos, 4 hands)
Songs for Children, Book III (voice & piano)
Valse-Caprice (violin & piano)

Ancient Nocturne (chamber ensemble)
Les Chats du Bagarreau (ballet)
Defiance (opera — sort of)
Les gravures de Gustave Doré (mandolin & guitar)
Passacaglia (organ solo)
Processional (string quartet)
Ricordando Pi (violin & piano)
Six Easy Pieces (viola & piano)
Southern Indiana Sketches (piano solo)
Tombeau for Richard Dohrmann (violin & piano)
The Way Everlasting (SATB)

Les Adieux (violin & piano)
A Christmas Card (orchestra)
Four Little Pastorals (violin & piano)
Nefertiti (ballet)
La Soirèe des animaux (ballet)
Simple Pleasures (piano solo)
Six Miniatures (piano solo)
Sonatina No. 5 (violin & piano)

Ava’s Vignettes (string orchestra)
Le Cimetière (ballet)
The Dartmoor Pixies (ballet)
Pegasus Suite (piano solo)
Sonatina No. 6 (violin & piano)

Tom Ojos Azules (opera)
Labyrinth (pas seul)
A Morning Prayer (voice & piano)
Mother Goose (ballet)

Arreglos de Canciones Tradicionales Españolas (voice & piano)
Emilia (piano ballet)
Four Variations on “In Babilone” (organ solo)
Lassitude (string orchestra)
Messe en l’honneur des martyers modernes (SSAATTBB & organ)
Troparion to St. Oswin (SATB choir)
Where They Dwell (piano solo)

The Jumblies (ballet)
Seven Pieces in 1st Position (violin & piano)
The Visitation (violin & piano)

Five Psalms (organ solo)
Les gentilles sirènes (ballet)

Eight Little Vignettes (piano solo)
The Muleshoe Marathon (ballet)
A Silly Jig (mandolin orchestra)

Morris Dance (piano, 4 hands)
Kalimba Maya (kalimba solo)
Saint Mary of Egypt (opera)

L’Atelier du tailleur de pierre (ballet)
Niños Jugando (guitar & mandolin orchestra)

Berceuse (‘Dodo, l’enfant do’) (voice & piano)
Ffynnon Dyfnog (St. Dyfnog’s Well) (piano solo)

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