Songs for Children (Book 3)

A third cycle of songs designed to be sung to children, this volume is dedicated to soprano María-Dolores Campos and contains settings of eight well-known poems. The score is published by Wolfhead Music.

  “Under the Window” (Kate Greenaway) (1:39)
  “Which Is the Way to Somewhere Town?” (Kate Greenaway) (1:05)
  “The Cat of Cats” (William Brighty Rands) (1:18)
  “A Baby-Sermon” (George MacDonald) (1:02)
  “The Lobster Quadrille” (Lewis Carroll) (2:11)
  “The Canary” (Elizabeth Turner) (2:25)
  “My Shadow” (Robert Louis Stevenson) (2:00)
  “Evening” (Thomas Miller) (4:56)
   Copyright © 2012 by John Craton

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