Three Paintings by Nikolai Blokhin for Violin & Strings
Inspired by paintings by the Russian artist Nikolai Blokhin, this work is for violin and string orchestra. The solo violin part is for the advancing student (originally composed for one of my own students, Alison Mitchell), and the orchestral score is designed to be played by a school or youth orchestra and utilizes mostly first and third positions. Somewhat formulaic, the work nevertheless provides the young soloist with a number of technical challenges. Each movement is titled after the painting that served as its inspiration. Click on a movement to hear an mp3 of the Sibelius playback. (The third movement, “Spaniards,” is presented in the mp3 below without the cadenza.)

Please write to inquire about the availability of the orchestral score and parts, or about the piano reduction.

Patch of Sunlight
Harlequin in Love

Copyright © 2003 by John Craton

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