Beowulf: A Suite for Ancient Instruments

The Beowulf Suite was first composed in 2000 for an early music consort of ancient instruments. The files below represent the original 2000 version but are merely Sibelius playbacks that approximate the sound of medieval instruments. (Please write regarding score availability.) Click here for information about the 2005 version of the suite, scored for modern orchestra.

  Præludium (5:02)
  The Dedication of Heorot (2:31)
  Grendel’s Journey Across the Moor (3:40)
  Beowulf Sails to Heorot (3:54)
  Queen Wealtheow (2:43)
  Beowulf Awaits Grendel (1:27)
  Beowulf Fights Grendel (2:46)
  The Nailing of Grendel’s Arm (3:47)
  More Horror at Heorot (2:45)
  Beowulf’s Descent (2:45)
  Celebration in Heorot (2:01)
  Time Passes (3:20)
  The Slaying of the Dragon (4:42)
  At Beowulf’s Barrow (4:52)
   Copyright © 2000-2002 by John Craton

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