Five Apothegms for Violin, Horn & Trombone

These unusual little pieces are some of the shortest works I’ve written but have one of the longest histories. When I was a freshman undergrad I majored in violin, and two of my best friends were French horn and trombone majors. I had the idea of composing a series of short, humorous works for the three of us, and I wrote the first of these musical apothegms in 1972. For some reason (probably laziness) I didn’t compose any others until 2006, when I decided perhaps it was time I finished them. As far as I can tell these represent the only works in the repertoire for this unlikely trio, and because of the odd instrumentation I rather doubt they’ll ever be performed. Hence I offer the sheet music as free PDF downloads for anyone who has an interest in playing around with them. (If anyone out there actually decides to play them, I would appreciate your letting me know. Otherwise I think these will probably exist only as a bizarre musical oddity.) The Apothegms are dedicated to Colleen Bates Lance and Elaine Lear Brown ... with apologies.

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Violin Part
Horn Part
Trombone Part

mp3 Files
Apothegm 1
Apothegm 2
Apothegm 3
Apothegm 4
Apothegm 5

Copyright © 2006 by John Craton (ASCAP)

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