Antebellum Suite

This little suite of pieces is composed for violin in first position and piano. Each movement is designed to present its own set of technical challenges for the young violinist, from double-stops, to left-hand pizzicato, to glissando, to trills, to various rhythmic patterns. The suite basically depicts various scenes from the Old South as might have been seen through a child’s eyes. It is a charming little work, if I do say so myself. The last two movements are played together without pause. (The sheet music for this work is available from Wolfhead Music. The sound files below are the Sibelius playback.

1. Country Dance
2. Mockingbird’s Song
3. Filipe Dances the Canarios
4. Maggie’s Cat and the Music Lesson
5. Alabama Minuet
6 & 7. In the Cotton Fields (into) Hush-a-bye

Copyright © 2002 by John Craton

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