The Tattered Slippers

A ballet based on the Grimm fairy tale “Twelve Dancing Princesses.” The storyline follows the original tale for the most part, though it calls merely for the expulsion of the failed princes rather than for their beheadings. Please write for further information regarding personnel, instrumentation, and score availability.

Audio Files

  1. Opening Scene (Tambourin) 16. Entry of 2nd Prince
  2. 1st Kiss Good-night 17. 3rd Kiss Good-night
  3. 1st Trip to Fantasy Land 18. Checking To See if 2nd Prince Is Asleep
  4. Orchestra Tunes 19. 3rd Trip to Fantasy Land
  5. Slow Waltz 20. Jig
  6. Cha-cha-cha 21. Anger At 2nd Prince
  7. Tango 22. Expulsion of 2nd Prince
  8. Swing 23. Entry of Old Soldier
  9. Father’s Angry Lecture 24. 4th Kiss Good-night
10. Entry of 1st Prince 25. Sneaking Out Again
11. 2nd Kiss Good-night 26. 4th Trip to Fantasy Land
12. Checking To See if 1st Prince Is Asleep 27. Orchestra Tunes
13. 2nd Trip to Fantasy Land 28. Ragtime
14. Round Dance 29. Solving the Mystery
15. Anger at & Expulsion of 1st Prince 30. Finale (Grand Waltz)

Photos from the 19 May 2012 Premiere

Photos copyright © 2011 by Minshall Photography. Used by permission.

Music copyright © 2011 by John Craton (ASCAP)

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