The Huluppu Tree

The Ballet

“The Huluppu Tree” is a ballet sequence from the opera Inanna. After singing a touching aria to her huluppu tree, Inanna retires for the evening. During the night three sinister creatures (a serpent, an Anzu bird, and the Dark Lilith) take up residence in Inanna’s prized tree. The music for the ballet features a part for solo violin and orchestra. “The Huluppu Tree” ballet was performed by members of the Central West Ballet, the orchestra of Townsend Opera Players, and violinist Chase Spruill on 23 August 2008 at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, California. The performance was part of the “Mesopotamian Night” concert sponsored by the Assyrian Aid Society. The featured dancers were Sarah Weaver, Joseph Adkins, and David Riskin, with choreography by Ren´ Daveluy.  (For an mp3 of the music, click here.)

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Photos by Banipal Gazanchian. Copyright © 2008 by The Assyrian Aid Society. Used by permission.