Trois sœurs assyriennes (Three Assyrian Sisters) for flute & piano

Composing music inspired by children is among my most delightful of labors. These three short pieces are musical caricatures of sisters of Assyrian heritage now living in Modesto, California. Each movement bears the young girl’s name and her chief characteristics: Ayla (age 9), subtitled pétillante et imaginative (feisty and imaginative); Elona (age 5), l’artiste et bienveillante (artistic and kind-hearted); and Edena (age 7), un rire scintillant (with a sparkling laugh). The work is composed for flute and piano and is dedicated to flutist Priscilla Wadsworth. It is available from Wolfhead Music.

mp3 Files (Sibelius playback):
Ayla (Moderato)
Elona (Adagietto grazioso)
Edena (Vivace)

Copyright © 2007 by John Craton (ASCAP)

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