Miscellaneous Stuff

Although I am a composer and music teacher, I maintain an interest in a wide number of things not directly related to music. Some of these are rather silly, but nevertheless they hold my interest and allow me the opportunity to take occasional breaks from musical notation. Below are some non-music sites for which I am to blame:

Christmas Letters — An archive of our family’s annual Christmas letters that no doubt someday will be read at my commitment hearing.

Composer & Performer Biographies — Several short biographies and other data about some well-known composers and performers in whom I have a special interest.

Confessions of an Antegoth — A bit of my history with the goth subculture.

Dreamland — Dreams have long fascinated me, and some of my thoughts about dreams and why we dream can be found here.

Jews in Colonial America — A research paper I did while a senior in high school; recently unearthed and presented here simply because the subject is little known.

Moods — A very silly site originally created while I was in undergrad (long before the internet). Be prepared for some adolescent humor.

My Experience with Avonex — A record of my first year on this medication, presented in the hope of minimizing the fears of others who have to take it.

Paula Prentiss Home Page — A website devoted to the American actress, created in cooperation with Panamanian film critic Edgar Soberón-Torchia.

The ’Possum Pages — Here you will find my online homage to a fascinating animal that is America’s only marsupial.

Poetic Writings — A few of many poems I wrote when I was younger, which may explain why I write music these days instead of poetry.

Religious Writings — Links to some of my religious writings, some short, others book-length. There is some heavy reading in some of these.

Remembering When... — Reminiscing about when my hands worked in my younger days with links to recordings of various keyboard pieces I used to be able to play with some degree of recognition.

St. John of Kronstadt Fellowship — The website of the Orthodox Christian fellowship in Mitchell, Indiana.

Vehicles I Have Owned ... And What Became of Them — Basically just a summary of all the different vehicles I have used over the years to transport my person (and others) from one place to another. Primarily of interest — if of interest at all — to car buffs and/or masochists.

Other Books and Writings — A little information about books that I wanted to write but haven’t so far ... perhaps you could help.

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